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Jesus died so we could suck

Because It’s the Internet

Sorry, dogs.  The world has spoken: YOU LOSE.

And actually, now I see that Gawker also has a similar video for dogs.  But it’s shorter and has far fewer clips and is generally not as good, so dogs still lose.  Just not as badly.


The whole thing’s after the jump, and the comic is up, piece by piece, at

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Have a Merry Suck

Just a comic worth sharing, s’all.

[Penny Arcade]

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Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, And Hide Carl Sagan Too

The music’s not great, but the spirit is, and the selection of quotes and quoted people is incredible.

I give you the Symphony of Science.  There are seven of them so far, here’s number five.

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Award Shows Do Have Value After All

Video: Watch it to the very, very end.

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The Canadian Space Agency has a northern lights webcam set up.  It’s only on during the prime aurora borealis-watching hours, so I haven’t seen it yet, but it exists.  Now that the CSA has mastered pointing things at the sky, the only logical next step is to shoot stuff up into it.

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Adaptation Is A Tricky Thing

For example, this comic book version of Doom. It’s the most insane thing I’ve read in a while, and yet, it kinda nails it.

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Just In Case

I’m sure this has been making the rounds, but on the off chance that it ain’t as big as I assume, here you go: the song of 2010.

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Try Sci-Fi Eye, Guy

I find myself at 15 18.

[ via Geekologie]

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Dream The Meme.

Alternate titles:

The Meme is a Dream.
The Meme is Real.
You’re Talking about Memes.
Memes Feel Real when We’re in them.
A Meme within a Meme within a Meme.
You Create the World of the Meme.
With the Slightest Disturbance, the Meme’s Gonna Collapse.
You Mustn’t Be Afraid to Meme a Little Bigger, Darling.
I’m Meming of a White Christmas.

Thanks, rhyming!

Inception is a Meme []

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Oh Yeah, I Totally Noticed This.

Sure.  And no, for those of you who haven’t seen it, this doesn’t spoil anything about Inception.


[via CHUD]

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