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Musical Interlude: Summer in the City


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Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

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Sometimes vicarious is a good thing. Just watching this is intense.

Or if you prefer: the same video set to electronic music

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Mitsuyuki Ikeda wants you to eat shit

A scientist in Japan has brought us a nudge closer to Soylent Green… by reconstituting human feces into meat. Story here. Things’ll have to get pretty damn bad for this idea to take off. In fact, I think most folks would prefer full-on cannibalism to eating shit. Keep an eye out for the label on Ikeda’s fridge.

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That’s not your mother, that’s a Man-Baby!

So disturbing…

[via io9]

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Musical Interlude: Conducting Doctor Who [Part Two]

Around this time last year we posted this awesome video of ArcAttack performing the theme from Doctor Who at the 2010 Maker Faire. Now, a year later, here is Mythbusters’s Adam Savage taking centre stage with ArcAttack at Maker Faire 2011 (albeit in a cage and not the badass Faraday suit).

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“All the video games used in this urinal were already broken or worthless sports games”

A guy with a lot of time on his hands has built a urinal out of SNES cartridges.

If this is just the sort of summer renovation project you were looking for, here’s his instructions on how to create your own Super Nintendo urinal.

[via hackaday]

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Close-up view of tsunami rolling through Sendai airport

Just: Wow

The only thing that didn’t wash up was these guys:

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Hey, Joey, I got some stuff you just gotta try!

Joey’s in a jam! What should he do?

Now, however lame you thought the above anti-drug PSA was, you’ll feel less strongly towards it after watching this PSA targeting a young Monica Lewinski:

“WTF” you ask? Indeed. But do not fret for the younger generation, because there’s one great man out there who knows how to make an effective PSA:

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When Two of Nature’s Most Fearsome Creatures Clash

I speak, of course, of the dolphin and the house cat.

Edit: Original upload is now private but we found another copy:

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