Suck The Day

Jesus died so we could suck

…And I’m All Out of Gum

I dunno if it looks as good as it should after so long. But it’s something.


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This Is Just Stupidly Cool

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I Wonder If I Should Do This In My Class . . .

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I Would Totally Buy This — It’s Good For My Colon

More info here.

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What do you think, guys, should we help him out?

Came across this gem in our spam queue.

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How The Unemployed Pass Their Time

Want to know what this is?

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TTC Represent

If you know the source material and director, then you’re excited, not to mention cool.  If you don’t and you’re not excited, then you’re not to be mentioned as cool.  I can’t be any more straightforward than that.

And for the record, here’s video footage of my reaction:

(Fancy-pantsier versions at Apple)

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No Words to Describe These (Or, at Least, Different Words)

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New Takes On Some Old Classics

Be ready for 1:06:

Also — ever wondered about alternative uses for glitter?  Wonder no more (NSFW):

As for ‘taking’ — well, this is probably as far as they could ever take the classic beer commercial concept, among other things (VNSFW):

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You’re gonna love his nuts!

Everybody’s favourite hooker chew-toy, Vince, is back to tell us about the Slap Chop!

Oh, and this wouldn’t be the internet unless there were remixes

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