Suck The Day

Jesus died so we could suck


Sometimes vicarious is a good thing. Just watching this is intense.

Or if you prefer: the same video set to electronic music


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When Two of Nature’s Most Fearsome Creatures Clash

I speak, of course, of the dolphin and the house cat.

Edit: Original upload is now private but we found another copy:

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Ground Control to Major Tomcat

This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way

Excerpt from Bioastronautics Research, from AirBoyd TV via io9. Missing from the footage was the experiment involving the cats and the litterbox at zero-gravity.

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Because It’s the Internet

Sorry, dogs.  The world has spoken: YOU LOSE.

And actually, now I see that Gawker also has a similar video for dogs.  But it’s shorter and has far fewer clips and is generally not as good, so dogs still lose.  Just not as badly.


The whole thing’s after the jump, and the comic is up, piece by piece, at

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Too Much Cool To Title

Though maybe ‘Laser Cat Poses Lazily’ works.

Anyway, let’s just say that there’s a lot right with this picture and leave it at that.

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This Bitch Can Dance!

I wanted to work in some clever Salsa-related pun into the title of this post, but I don’t know enough about Salsa dancing or music to come up with anything. So I took the low road. But behold and be amazed by the dog who can really dance.

[via William Gibson]

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Friday Picture Fun

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Ceiling Cat’s not the only one keeping an eye on you

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Not Impressed

It does nothing I can’t do.

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Now This Is Just Overkill, Wouldn’t You Say?

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