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A good old fashioned bunch-of-funny-drawings post

Here’s a link to a compilation of funny takes on “pop icons” (mostly video game characters or Star Wars references, actually), which I’m sure we’ve all seen a few but not all of before, and which may or may not have been commissioned specifically to appear on t-shirts. For me the seventh one down is worth the price of admission alone.

“Classic Pop Icons Seen In A Different Light”


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Too Much Cool To Title

Though maybe ‘Laser Cat Poses Lazily’ works.

Anyway, let’s just say that there’s a lot right with this picture and leave it at that.

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Hyperbole For Everyone!

More web comics for yas (click on the cat bum):

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Oh Yeah, I Totally Noticed This.

Sure.  And no, for those of you who haven’t seen it, this doesn’t spoil anything about Inception.


[via CHUD]

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Friday Picture Fun

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The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Slow, Mechanized Breathing

Vader with Parasol

by limpfish

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Now I Understand The Worshipping

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It’s Just Too Good

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100 Cupcakes each representing a board, computer, or video game. Having worked in a boardgame store for several years, I got about 79 right. Anyone think they can do better?

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