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Jesus died so we could suck

Little Funny Planet!

I’ve been LBP-ing a lot of LBP lately, so I thought, hey, why not an LBP related post?  And, what better theme for said post than humour?  Because we all like to be tickled by Sackboys, don’t we?


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Friday Picture Fun

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Now I Know Why There Are No Australian Restaurants Around

Cook-book misprint costs Australian publishers dear

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No Words to Describe These (Or, at Least, Different Words)

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New Takes On Some Old Classics

Be ready for 1:06:

Also — ever wondered about alternative uses for glitter?  Wonder no more (NSFW):

As for ‘taking’ — well, this is probably as far as they could ever take the classic beer commercial concept, among other things (VNSFW):

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Video Kaboom!!

Since I haven’t put much up here in a ways, thought I’d sprinkle some YouTubes, some newly found, some I’ve been sitting on a while.

Perhaps she was one of his young:

Jungle loneliness strikes:

A Left 4 Dead mod perhaps scarier than the original:

And then there’s Japan…

And this, the unquestionably most awesome prank ever in the history of EVAR:

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Also Self-Explanatory

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Why April Really Hung Out With The Turtles

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Things That Make You Go ‘Huh’

20 Common Historical Myths or Misconceptions (click pics).

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Thank Goodness People Aren’t This Stupid . . .

. . . right?

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