Suck The Day

Jesus died so we could suck


Sometimes vicarious is a good thing. Just watching this is intense.

Or if you prefer: the same video set to electronic music


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So Maybe Busta Ain’t So The Shit After All

So there’s this new song where Busta Rhymes goes crazy with his lip-flapping rappin’, and everyone’s really impressed; but here some nerdy looking white folk go and do it just as well.  So maybe it’s not as hard as it looks, or maybe these guys are just as awesome as Busta.

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It Makes One Want To Die

Amazingly, this actually happened.  In real life.

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This Bitch Can Dance!

I wanted to work in some clever Salsa-related pun into the title of this post, but I don’t know enough about Salsa dancing or music to come up with anything. So I took the low road. But behold and be amazed by the dog who can really dance.

[via William Gibson]

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Who Was The Tallest Man Ever In Recorded History, You Ask?

Because you know you wanna know.  Clicky.

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Start Your ‘How’d He Do That?s’ Now

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No Words to Describe These (Or, at Least, Different Words)

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It’s Nice That the Future Is Finally Here . . . and None of Us Can Afford It

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You’ve Probably Seen These Already, But . . .

. . . post them anyway I shall.

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It Lives

1.  Go to

2. Enter the Konami code (if you don’t know what it is you don’t deserve to proceed)

3. Press ‘Enter’

4. Come back here for further instructions.

Continue reading

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