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Musical Interlude: Summer in the City


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Musical Interlude: Conducting Doctor Who [Part Two]

Around this time last year we posted this awesome video of ArcAttack performing the theme from Doctor Who at the 2010 Maker Faire. Now, a year later, here is Mythbusters’s Adam Savage taking centre stage with ArcAttack at Maker Faire 2011 (albeit in a cage and not the badass Faraday suit).

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“Balance is restored to the Universe”

This is exactly what I needed tonight. Prodigy’s feel-good ditties always lift my spirits.

Update: Restricted? Lighten the fuck up, Sony.
Update: Thank you!

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Musical Interlude: Shea Stadium, 1965 – The Beatles perform ‘Smack My Bitch Up’

Man this takes me back. It was a simpler time.

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The Master Of Posting Shit You’ve Already Seen? Me.

Skip ahead to the 1:00 mark on this one:

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Musical Interlude: FireHero

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[ via hackaday]


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I Wonder If I Should Do This In My Class . . .

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It Makes One Want To Die

Amazingly, this actually happened.  In real life.

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It Just Works

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Musical Interlude: The Sex Offender Shuffle

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