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Jesus died so we could suck

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene


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Mitsuyuki Ikeda wants you to eat shit

A scientist in Japan has brought us a nudge closer to Soylent Green… by reconstituting human feces into meat. Story here. Things’ll have to get pretty damn bad for this idea to take off. In fact, I think most folks would prefer full-on cannibalism to eating shit. Keep an eye out for the label on Ikeda’s fridge.

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Three Big Pigs

I wish all news were presented like this.

Thanks to Daniel for pointing me to this one.

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30 pictures of boats and ships swept ashore by the tsunami

Click the image to go to the gallery.

Click here to go the gallery at The Telegraph UK

[The Telegraph UK]

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…And I’m All Out of Gum

I dunno if it looks as good as it should after so long. But it’s something.

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A Look at Cablegate throuh Investigative Rap Journalism

[Rap News via WikiLeaks]

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Post-rally Jon Stewart Interview by Rachel Maddow

The interview clocks in just under 50 minutes but I dare say it is time well spent. (You don’t really need to watch this, think of it as radio that happens to have been filmed.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Musical Interlude: Hide your kids, hide your wife

Who says you can’t laugh about a botched rape attempt?

Original news reel here:

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How to Report the News

As explained by Charlie Brooker:

[via Daniel’s shared items in Google Reader]

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