Suck The Day

Jesus died so we could suck

The Roast of Mario


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Hey, Joey, I got some stuff you just gotta try!

Joey’s in a jam! What should he do?

Now, however lame you thought the above anti-drug PSA was, you’ll feel less strongly towards it after watching this PSA targeting a young Monica Lewinski:

“WTF” you ask? Indeed. But do not fret for the younger generation, because there’s one great man out there who knows how to make an effective PSA:

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It Makes One Want To Die

Amazingly, this actually happened.  In real life.

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It Just Works

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Award Shows Do Have Value After All

Video: Watch it to the very, very end.

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A good old fashioned bunch-of-funny-drawings post

Here’s a link to a compilation of funny takes on “pop icons” (mostly video game characters or Star Wars references, actually), which I’m sure we’ve all seen a few but not all of before, and which may or may not have been commissioned specifically to appear on t-shirts. For me the seventh one down is worth the price of admission alone.

“Classic Pop Icons Seen In A Different Light”

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Too Much Cool To Title

Though maybe ‘Laser Cat Poses Lazily’ works.

Anyway, let’s just say that there’s a lot right with this picture and leave it at that.

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Who Was The Tallest Man Ever In Recorded History, You Ask?

Because you know you wanna know.  Clicky.

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This Is What We Were Missing As Kids When We Had To Go To Bed At 9:00

I find it strange that I have no memory of this whatsoever.

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