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Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene


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Mitsuyuki Ikeda wants you to eat shit

A scientist in Japan has brought us a nudge closer to Soylent Green… by reconstituting human feces into meat. Story here. Things’ll have to get pretty damn bad for this idea to take off. In fact, I think most folks would prefer full-on cannibalism to eating shit. Keep an eye out for the label on Ikeda’s fridge.

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Musical Interlude: Conducting Doctor Who [Part Two]

Around this time last year we posted this awesome video of ArcAttack performing the theme from Doctor Who at the 2010 Maker Faire. Now, a year later, here is Mythbusters’s Adam Savage taking centre stage with ArcAttack at Maker Faire 2011 (albeit in a cage and not the badass Faraday suit).

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Ground Control to Major Tomcat

This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way

Excerpt from Bioastronautics Research, from AirBoyd TV via io9. Missing from the footage was the experiment involving the cats and the litterbox at zero-gravity.

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Have a Merry Suck

Just a comic worth sharing, s’all.

[Penny Arcade]

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Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, And Hide Carl Sagan Too

The music’s not great, but the spirit is, and the selection of quotes and quoted people is incredible.

I give you the Symphony of Science.  There are seven of them so far, here’s number five.

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I Would Totally Buy This — It’s Good For My Colon

More info here.

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Who Was The Tallest Man Ever In Recorded History, You Ask?

Because you know you wanna know.  Clicky.

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Musical Interlude: Conducting Doctor Who


Follow-up post: Adam Savage with ArcAttack! at Maker Faire 2011 [Conducting Doctor Who (Part Two)]

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YouTube Presents: Everything

It’s cool, but you know what would make it even cooler?  If a certain planet in there had rings.

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