Suck The Day

Jesus died so we could suck

No Title

Just go to this website and follow along.


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Now I Understand The Worshipping

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No Words to Describe These (Or, at Least, Different Words)

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How To Get Fired From Dairy Queen . . .

. . . in one easy step.

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New Takes On Some Old Classics

Be ready for 1:06:

Also — ever wondered about alternative uses for glitter?  Wonder no more (NSFW):

As for ‘taking’ — well, this is probably as far as they could ever take the classic beer commercial concept, among other things (VNSFW):

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Cracked Crackles Again

This one’s hilarious:

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World’s Greatest Striptease Finale

Probably not safe for work.

Bonus video beneath the cut. Continue reading

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Erotic Thai Massage

Click here for sexy vid of hot massage.

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Skin Food — You Decide

So I’m sitting at the train station, absently watching the TV they have set up there, and this commercial comes on.  And, within the first 5 – 10 secs, I think “Man, this commercial has huge sexual overtones.”  And then I think, “Nah, I’m reading too much into it, it’s just the whole typical Asian-cutesy thing.”

But then there’s the ending . . .

So — what do you think?

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This Is … It’s Just … It’s …


“A dog is an animal with an enormous sexual appetite which can’t be controlled. Many methods consist in artificial ways to stop dogs inborn caractere. These methods like castration or meds are going against the nature laws. Hotdoll is a natural (and beneficial for dog’s health) way to control its sexual impulses. This love doll for dogs is shaped to be grabbed easily by the dog’s paws like female hips. Hotdoll is designed in 2 sizes to be used by little dogs and by big ones! Its contrasted colors are made to be easily distinguished by dog’s eyes. The body is made by a plastic structure covered with a 1 cm technogel skin to create a soft and molle touch. All orange parts are made of rubber, that way the doll grips on the floor. The pink hole beside (most important part!) needs to be washed regularly for hygienic reasons. Once clean, you can apply some female odour spray on it (The spray is an accessorie) several times per month, when your dog seems sexually hungry or nervous.”

(For the record, this is just an idea someone had, it doesn’t actually exist. But it could.)

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