Suck The Day

Jesus died so we could suck

Musical Interlude: FireHero

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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This Is Just Stupidly Cool

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Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, And Hide Carl Sagan Too

The music’s not great, but the spirit is, and the selection of quotes and quoted people is incredible.

I give you the Symphony of Science.  There are seven of them so far, here’s number five.

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You Jokers Seen These Yet?

More Here

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I Would Totally Buy This — It’s Good For My Colon

More info here.

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Hyperbole For Everyone!

More web comics for yas (click on the cat bum):

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How The Unemployed Pass Their Time

Want to know what this is?

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Start Your ‘How’d He Do That?s’ Now

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Here’s something different. A video game where you interact with the environment and attack your enemies by yelling into your microphone. Apparently this video was shot by Michael J. Fox, but you can see enough to get the idea.

If you’re wondering why the game seems so low-tech/old school (the graphics for the most part appear to be ripped from the first Zelda game and Space Invaders), it was conceptualized and created in under 2 days. This was produced as a part of the Global Game Jam, every year during which hundreds (thousands?) of creative computer geeks gather together in clusters around the world for an entire weekend and crank out a ton of little games.

[download for Windows XP, Vista, 7]

[via kloonigames via The Independent Gaming Source]

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No Words to Describe These (Or, at Least, Different Words)

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