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Worst Black Guy in a Japanese Dub Ever

Exactly what the title states:


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More Great Stuff From Everyone’s Favourite Japanese Show

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Start Your ‘How’d He Do That?s’ Now

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No Words to Describe These (Or, at Least, Different Words)

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Video Kaboom!!

Since I haven’t put much up here in a ways, thought I’d sprinkle some YouTubes, some newly found, some I’ve been sitting on a while.

Perhaps she was one of his young:

Jungle loneliness strikes:

A Left 4 Dead mod perhaps scarier than the original:

And then there’s Japan…

And this, the unquestionably most awesome prank ever in the history of EVAR:

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Counting in English

Remember that horrible 1990s relaunch of the American gameshow Make Me Laugh? Here, in one fell swoop, a seemingly intellectually challenged Japanese man puts dozens of second-rate American comedians to shame:

Oh, and administering corporal punishment to unsuccessful contestants never hurts (the ratings, that is).

In defence of the poor guy, Japanese and English are very different languages. Now, I remember a girl back in the fifth grade who moved from England to Canada, and she couldn’t count past 29.  True, I’ve never been to Britain, but I’m pretty sure they don’t use use “twenty-ten” …

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Skin Food — You Decide

So I’m sitting at the train station, absently watching the TV they have set up there, and this commercial comes on.  And, within the first 5 – 10 secs, I think “Man, this commercial has huge sexual overtones.”  And then I think, “Nah, I’m reading too much into it, it’s just the whole typical Asian-cutesy thing.”

But then there’s the ending . . .

So — what do you think?

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Why I No Longer Fear Robots

Though I do have to give Baloonhead props.  That’s a hell of a finisher he’s got.

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In The Name Of Science

“So now a new trivia is born into this world.”

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You can also become a Pants man!


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