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Joining & Posting


The only requirement for you to join in is that you know somebody already connected. Sorry, random surfer from Nantucket, the word of the day is “nepotism.” As for you, second-cousin Reggie, you’re fully qualified to add content to Suck The Day and thus drain the precious time of our beloved readership, so send an email to and we’ll get you started. Feel free to report any broken links as well.


Don’t want to be too strict about what you can or can’t post, but we can’t have you going off all willy-nilly. It’s a link dump, not your personal homespace, so no personal junk. You find something on the Internet, you mention or post it here. Some pointers:

– Don’t go overboard with description: keep it short and sweet. Skip it altogether, if you’d like, and if the link is somewhat self-explanatory.

– Don’t go overboard posting, either. We don’t want this place to get too cluttered — basically, if you come upon it, and you really dig it, share it. Don’t go hunting for things to post.

– If you’ve got one link you want to share, why not wait a while a collect a few more? Maybe even make a theme of it? A bunch of posts dedicated to single links is just wasteful. Think of all the liquid crystal trees you’ll save.

– Embedding pictures is nice, even if all you’re putting up is a link — in this wild age we live in, YOU CAN MAKE THE PICTURE THE LINK!

– Embedding YouTube or Google Video is pretty easy, just insert as follows:

  • YouTube: [youtube=]
  • Google Video: [googlevideo=]

I’m pretty tired right now and I’m going to stop, but there’s more to be said here, so over the next little while, you can bet this section will be altered and added to, so check back in later to see what you’ve done wrong.

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