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Mitsuyuki Ikeda wants you to eat shit

A scientist in Japan has brought us a nudge closer to Soylent Green… by reconstituting human feces into meat. Story here. Things’ll have to get pretty damn bad for this idea to take off. In fact, I think most folks would prefer full-on cannibalism to eating shit. Keep an eye out for the label on Ikeda’s fridge.


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Close-up view of tsunami rolling through Sendai airport

Just: Wow

The only thing that didn’t wash up was these guys:

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30 pictures of boats and ships swept ashore by the tsunami

Click the image to go to the gallery.

Click here to go the gallery at The Telegraph UK

[The Telegraph UK]

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Watch car being swept up in tsunami wave from driver’s POV

Could have been a lot worse for this person but it is still quite something to see.

EDIT: I’m having difficulty embedding the video so follow the FNN link below. (Found a YouTube alternate but the quality was wretched)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[via FNN]

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As awing as the overhead videos of the wake of the tsunami are, seeing people dealing with it from ground level really drives home the impact. There are far worse ways to pass a few minutes today than to browse through this series of photographs, and the video below, depicting the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Japan.

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I Would Totally Buy This — It’s Good For My Colon

More info here.

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Behold, Gravity Defied!

Continue reading

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Counting in English

Remember that horrible 1990s relaunch of the American gameshow Make Me Laugh? Here, in one fell swoop, a seemingly intellectually challenged Japanese man puts dozens of second-rate American comedians to shame:

Oh, and administering corporal punishment to unsuccessful contestants never hurts (the ratings, that is).

In defence of the poor guy, Japanese and English are very different languages. Now, I remember a girl back in the fifth grade who moved from England to Canada, and she couldn’t count past 29.  True, I’ve never been to Britain, but I’m pretty sure they don’t use use “twenty-ten” …

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Teenage Mutant Ninja … BEAR?!???!@???!?DFFF??!???!!? WTF?!?

This bear is in a zoo in Hiroshima City. Hiroshima. You know what that means — Radiation has created a race of unstoppable ninja bears that will spread silently across the globe, killing all in their insatiable quest for honey! We are doomed!

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